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Why We Eat Peas and Greens on New Years Day in the South.

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Image via Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

"According to legendary Southern food researcher John Egerton's Southern Food: At Home, On the Road, In History, black-eyed peas are associated with a "mystical and mythical power to bring good luck." As for collard greens, they're green like money and... Read More at Southern Living Here. And enoy this Black-Eyed Peas With Ham Hock and Collards recipe from New York Times Cooking here.

Order your greens and peas at WoodFruitticher with these item codes:

Item Pack Description
750745 4/2.5 lb Greens, Collard
653808 6/10 lb Greens, Collard Chopped
313023 12/3 lb Greens, Collard Chopped
652925 6/10 lb Greens, Collard Chopped
313080 12/2 lb Greens, Collard Chopped IQF
313098 6/80 oz Greens, Collard Chopped IQF
313106 12/3 lb Greens, Collard Chopped IQF
518050 1/10 lb Ham Hocks
314708 1/20 lb Peas, Blackeye
650200 6/10 lb Peas, Blackeye Elite
314716 1/20 lb Peas, Blackeye IQF
314724 12/2 lb Peas, Blackeye IQF Elite
2006 1/25 lb Peas, Blackeye Dry
650218 6/10 lb Peas, Blackeye Seasoned

Happy New Year!

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