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Meet Oscar, Our Mobile App.

Say hello to Oscar, the Wood Fruitticher mobile app. It delivers the important information you need right to your mobile device, including comprehensive order summary and tracking, order alerts, message center, promotions, and much more.

Oscar Mobile App
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What Oscar Delivers

  • Secure 24-7 comprehensive order tracking from confirmation to delivery on any mobile device
  • One-tap home-screen display of current delivery ETA, case count, invoice total, delivery driver name, and photo
  • Proactive messaging center with order updates, ETA changes, and other essential information
  • Customizable pop-up alerts to give you just the information you want and need
  • Access to exclusive promotions, samples, and saving opportunities from our partners
  • In-app DSR contact options for speedy, effortless communications
  • Integrated rating system for providing fast feedback

Say Hello To Better.

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